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Cotton Throw Blanket - Moon River

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Transcendent of moonlight reflecting over the ripples of a river, each element flowing in its own separate direction, gently touched by dim moonlight that conceals all.
Approximately 76" long x 36" wide.
It’s a throw, a wrap, a towel, or a beach blanket. This gorgeous fabric is so incredibly versatile, we can’t even begin to name all the fun and functional ways you can style it. Each throw is handwoven in Guatemala by artisans using a traditional wooden pedal loom, the same way their ancestors have been weaving for generations.
This 100% Cotton throw is a perfect addition to your warm evening outings or anywhere you need a beautiful lightweight layer. Think end of your bed or the arm of your favorite chair.
  • Instantly update your sofa or bed
  • Dries quickly
  • Sand resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to take with you on your adventures
  • Works overtime as a throw, towel, tapestry, beach blanket sarong, .
Due to the unique hand loomed and dyed process, each product may vary slightly in color and design.

This fabric was hand-woven in Nahualá, which is in the Sololá Department of Guatemala. It is situated in the mountainside overlooking Lake Atitlán. Nearly the entire population is ethnic K'iche' Maya who speak the K'iche' language. Using a traditional wooden pedal loom, Manuel Ixmata’ and his team of friends and family start with 100% cotton, use dye to create their thread colors, and then weave it into this amazing fabric!