Dog Waste Bag Holder - Hang Ten

Even if you don’t surf, this beautiful two-tone blue fabric (set off with black and cream accents) will have you dreaming of blue oceans and deep seas. 

This fabric was woven in Sololá, which is located on a mountainside overlooking Lake Atitlán. Almost all of the residents of Sololá are Kaqchikel Maya. Sololá has always been an important location due to its position directly on trade routes between the tierra caliente (hot lands of the Pacific Slope) and tierra fría (the chilly highlands). 

These novel little bags start their journey as new fabric that is hand-woven by members of a women’s cooperative in the highlands of Guatemala. They are then hand sewn by a small family-run sewing shop outside Chichicastenango, Guatemala. By setting their own wages and prices, weavers and sewers have the opportunity to express their creativity while carrying on the tradition of weaving and earning a fair wage.

Just as each pup has its own personality, each weaver’s design is unique. No two fabrics are the same.