Small Dog Bed-Colorful Mayan- One of a Kind (#108)

Whether your pup spends their days napping, driving carpool, or chasing down tennis balls at the beach till sunset, they deserve a comfy space all their own. In fact, dogs sleep up to 14 hours a day!

 You also work hard to cultivate a relaxing yet styled home, so why fling a square of stuffed fabric on the floor and call it a bed? Indulge your sense of design and whimsy and spoil your pup while you’re at it.


We work with local buyers familiar with community markets to hand-select classic heirloom handwoven fabrics. Seasoned seamstresses and tailors at a small family-run shop outside Chichicastenango, Guatemala then put to use their decades of craftsmanship and create a casual, minimalistic dog bed that doesn’t cut corners in quality. These durable weavings are enjoying a second life, thanks to the artistry of women, whose efforts and contributions are not forgotten. Each bed is unique, no two are alike. Once sold-out, past designs are unavailable.

Heirloom Weave Dog Beds are available in three sizes:

Small- 20” x 28”- Under 20 pounds

Medium- 27” x 36”- 30-50 pounds

Large- 36” x 43”- Over 60 pounds


Join our pack and get advance notice when new one-of-a-kind heirloom weave and new patterns are dropping. items are going to drop and the newest patterns.  Plus get 20% off your first order with us!