Small Dog Beds - La Playa (20” x 28”)

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Cream background with navy indigo striping. This cheerful and classy print feels like a warm day at a seaside resort. 

This fabric was woven in the town of Salcajá, which is located in the western highlands of Guatemala and known for its weavers who make cortes (the traditional Mayan skirt). Famous for their traditional ikat-style textiles, these makers are found in 5 out of 10 houses in town.

Artisan Weave

These casual beds begin their journey as new fabric that was hand woven by members of a women’s cooperative in the highlands of Guatemala. We work with the artisan weavers to bring their art and imagery to the fabrics we use. Seasoned seamstresses and tailors at a small family-run shop outside Chichicastenango, Guatemala then put to use their decades of craftsmanship and create a casual, minimalistic dog bed that doesn’t cut corners in quality. By setting their own wages and prices, weavers and sewers have the opportunity to express their creativity while carrying on the tradition of weaving and earning a fair wage. Once sold-out, past designs are unavailable.