Worry Dolls

Worry Doll - Cat Worry

If you feel more comfortable telling your worries to a feline friend, this cat is all ears.

Let the magic of your companionship grow overnight as you ask this doll to deepen your bond.

Worry Doll is approximately 2  inches long. Just like the artisan, who has made each doll by hand, each worry doll is unique and will not look identical to the photo. 

Our worry dolls are made completely by hand by Lilian and her employees in San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Guatemala. They start with Cibaque fiber, grown and produced on the shores of Lake Atitl√°n, and form this fiber into the base of the doll. With adept hands, and a little magic, they wind string and repurposed leftover bandana cloth to create Sam & Nala Worry Dolls.