Sam & Nala Vinyl Sticker Display (stocked with 252 stickers!)

Can’t decide which Sam & Nala Stickers to buy? Our 5-tier Acrylic Sticker Rack is the perfect way to display the full line of Sam & Nala Stickers on your shelf or at check-out. No decision making required.

Starter Kit includes 12 each of 21 Sam & Nala Vinyl Stickers + our acrylic countertop display.

Our stickers are printed on premium vinyl here in the USA. Each one is coated with a protective laminate that makes them durable & resistant to fading, scratching, tearing and moisture.

Acrylic Display is 11.25" wide, 9.4" deep and 7.9" tall.

what’s included

Name SKU Quantity
Alarm Clock Dog S-alarmclock 12
Apologizing For Your Relatives S-apologizingfor 12
Badass Mother Pupper S-badass 12
Based on my Wardrobe S-basedon 12
Disc Buddy S-discbuddy 12
Do More Things S-domore 12
Dog Mom S-dogmom 12
Donut Dog S-donutdog 12
Easily Distracted By Dogs S-easily 12
Even The Grinch Had a Dog S-grinch 12
I Can’t Have Kids My Dog Is Allergic S-kids 12
I Feel Sorry S-ifeelsorry 12
I’m Not Single I Have a Dog S-Single 12
If Dogs Could Talk S-ifdogs 12
Make Good Choices, Love Mom S-lovemom 12
Mas Aloha Por Favor S-masaloha 12
Mas Amor Por Favor S-masamor 12
Park Date S-parkdate 12
Pizza Party Pup S-pizzapup 12
Triple Threat S-triplethreat 12
Wake Up S-wakeup 12
Acrylic Display 1