Found objects

Marketing experts tell us not to confuse the customer with superfluous products. “Stay true to your product offerings,” they say. What if “they” had the delight of meeting incredible people and talented artists around the world like we do? ...

We think everyone should experience the pleasure of a serendipitous stumble! In this section, you’ll encounter our personal favorites that we’ve come across while roaming the markets or sharing tea in a maker’s home. To support these artisans’ dreams and livelihood, we purchase their wares in-person at fair prices and share them with you. Here’s to the brave and kind dreamers and the chance meetings that bring us together!

“The Goods”

Each item in this section is unique and very limited. Once they're gone, they're gone. This is where we put the stuff that you wish your friends and family brought you home from their travels.


Join our pack and get advance notice when new one-of-a-kind heirloom weave and new patterns are dropping. items are going to drop and the newest patterns.  Plus get 20% off your first order with us!