8 Pupfluencers to Inspire Your New Year

by Olivia Wickstrom January 04, 2021

8 Pupfluencers to Inspire Your New Year

Sure, influencers are great, but pupfluencers are our favorite form of social media entertainment. From adventurous sidekicks, to company mascots, these eight animals have us feeling all kinds of happy as we enter the new year. Which four-legged friend is your favorite? 

When You’re Seeking Fashion Inspo
This Goldendoodle may be the best dressed dog on Instagram. Her bandana/bow combos make our hearts swoon, and her seasonal ensembles keep us coming back for more. Can you spot the Sam & Nala bandana in this fashionista’s bright and colorful feed? 

When You Need to Laugh
Bosco and His Big Stick
If Bosco navigating London with a stick ten times his size doesn’t make you laugh, we don’t know what will. The four year old dachshund is famous around the city’s parks and trails, known for seeking out the largest branch and carrying it proudly for the rest of his walk. Our favorite part? Passerbys’ reactions. Some are awestruck, some are confused, and almost all are collided with as Basco charges ahead happily and carefree.

When You Feel Adventurous
Theron and his Coonhound, Maddie, are the ultimate travel partners. From Mexico’s coast to Colorado's mountains, the duo traverse the continent with a passion for all things new. Her cameos during home improvement projects, Christmas breakfasts, and camping trips make our hearts melt. We all need a pup in our lives as sweet, curious, and adventurous as Maddie. 

When You Wish You Could Adopt More Dogs
Harlow and Sage
This family of four reminds us that the more dogs, the better. Originally named after Harlow, a Weimaraner, and Sage, a Miniature Dachshund, Sage passed away in 2013. Since then Harlow has adopted three new four-legged friends: Indiana, Reese, and Ezra. The simple moments captured and daily chronicles of their lives together make our hearts soar. Try not to adopt another dog after you follow this account, we dare you. 

When You’re Looking for Pet Approved Products
Hootie the Goldendoodle
Hootie seems to work with all the best brands. From dog chews to blanket choices, he knows what to shop for and where to look for it. We may be biased, but we think his choice in fashion brands is impeccable. How cute does he look in our Daydream Bandana?

When You’re Lacking Motivation
Born without his two front legs, TurboRoo reminds us that we’re capable of anything— even if the world tells us otherwise. The pup is the namesake of TurboRoo Designs, a small business designing 3-D printed carts for two-legged dogs across the US. His parents are advocates for senior, special needs, and handicap animals and much of his social media content focuses on community giveback efforts. Between his travels, Influencer collaborations, and television cameos, It seems like there’s nothing this two-legged pup can’t do.

When You Miss Eating Out at Restaurants
Lennon the Yorkie
Also known as “Dallas’ Littlest Foodie,” this Yorkie has a big appetite and excellent menu choices. Adorable, impeccably dressed, and always behind a huge plate of food, Lennon knows all the best spots in town— from Japanese onigiri to fried chicken. Don’t visit his profile when you’re hungry, you’ll be placing a takeout order in no time. 

When You Think Your Dog Is Photogenic 
Think again. Tuna is a whole new level of cute. Hilarious costumes, adorable family portraits, and fan generated artwork make this Chiweenie one of our all time favorite pupfluencers. Tuna even has a second account, The Traveling Tuna, documenting his favorite places to visit across the US and UK. This star is a must follow for any and all doggy lovers. 

Olivia Wickstrom
Olivia Wickstrom