The Sam & Nala Father’s Day Gift Guide

by Olivia Wickstrom June 10, 2021

The Sam & Nala Father’s Day Gift Guide

For the human dads, dog dads, or dads to be. Treat the father in your life to a seasonal gift from one of our favorite brands. From the coffee lover to the traveler, this roundup includes something every father will enjoy!

For the Dog Dad: Sam & Nala Bow Tie

Because every dog dad deserves a styling partner in crime. These hand weaved bow ties are crafted by our artisan partners in Nahualá, Guatemala. Using a traditional wooden pedal loom, Manuel Ixmata’ and his team of friends and family start with 100% cotton, use dye to create their thread colors, then weave them into striking and colorful fabrics. 

For the Traveler: Project Olas Spanish Class

Founded by a Georgetown University student in the height of the pandemic, Project Olas employs mothers in Zone 3 of Guatemala City to teach virtual Spanish classes through conversation. Zone 3 is home to the Guatemala City Garbage Dumpsite, and every “Olas mom” earns more in one hour of teaching Spanish than they would working a typical 10-12 hour day sorting trash for recyclable materials. Their hour-long sessions start at $13 per week and are a fun, interactive way to learn the language.

For the Sweet Toothed: Oh My Dairy Free Gelato

This woman-owned gelato company inspires us to skip dinner and head straight for dessert. Between chocolate, mint chip, and cake batter, Oh My Dairy Free will satisfy any late night sugar craving.   

For the Thrifter: Junk Girls Hand Stamped Brass

One of our local favorites, The Junk Girls is known for giving new life to vintage, antique, and “found” objects. JunkGirl Melissa hand stamps these pieces using recycled brass kick-plates off of old doors. There are a variety of heartfelt phrases and quotes to choose from, or Melissa can custom stamp a creation of your own. 

For the Cat Dad: Shrimp Tempura Catnip Toy

One of our favorite pet stores of all time (and not just for their tropical location), The Public Pet specializes in organic and holistic products for dogs, cats, and humans. These adorable catnip toys, along with a number of their products, are made locally in Hawaii. Chopsticks not included 😉

For the Coffee Lover: Vega Coffee Subscription

This organic, shade grown coffee comes from Nicaragua and Columbia, cutting out the middlemen (i.e. exporters, shippers, packagers, distributors) and relying on farmers themselves. Vega’s farmers pick, roast, and package coffee, which means a fresh cuppa joe and a sustainable experience every time. Vega’s coffee subscriptions are easy— choose your roast, your grind, and your delivery frequency, and a delicious caffeinated beverage awaits. 

For the Fashion-Forward: Adelante

Adelante’s handcrafted shoes and accessories are ethically produced in Antigua, Guatemala. Thanks to Adelante, local Antigua craftsmen are able to earn a fair living wage for themselves and their family because of something he company calls the “Living Well Line”— a social impact methodology created to define the relative cost of living well in a given community around the world.

For the Plant Dad: Home + Hound Plant Lover Gift Set 

Succulents, cactuses, vines oh, my! This plant-inspired candle, watering can, and guide book are the perfect addition to any household with a green thumb.  

Olivia Wickstrom
Olivia Wickstrom