How to Support Artisans During COVID-19

by Olivia Wickstrom March 02, 2021

How to Support Artisans During COVID-19

While strolling through art galleries, browsing craft fairs, and attending painting classes may not be possible during a pandemic, supporting creatives around the world is still feasible. Almost a year into quarantine, the art community has shifted to embrace social distancing and make use of technology in creative ways. Read on to discover how you can continue to support and encourage artisans in communities near and far. 

Commission a Piece of Art

With all the time we’re spending at home, there’s no better excuse to add some new artwork to our spaces. One of our favorite platforms for finding up and coming artistic talent is social media. Find a few artisans you like, shoot them a DM, and ask if they’re accepting commissions. If they’re open to the opportunity, share the artistic vision you have in mind! 

Buy From Ethical and Hand Crafted Businesses

By supporting businesses that work with and empower artisan entrepreneurs, you have the opportunity to create meaningful change in their lives and communities. At Sam & Nala, we’re passionate about collaborating with our artisan partners to co-create plans for sustainability and prosperity. From New York City to Bali, Indonesia, each Sam & Nala purchase supports and empowers an artisan around the world. 

Take an Online Art or Crafting Class

Not only will you be supporting the artist instructing the course, you’ll have fun too! With the pandemic suspending in person classes and creative gatherings, a number of art centers, community centers, and independent artisans have moved online to teach interactive courses. Look for local classes or research artists teaching skill sets you’ve been wanting to explore— from painting to book binding, there’s something creative for everyone to try. 

Gift Handmade Creations 

Brainstorming ideas for an upcoming Mother’s Day present or birthday celebration? Gifting art, crafts, and handmade creations empowers artisans while surprising loved ones with unique and spirited goods. Need some gift inspo? Our hand woven mask and bandana sets are perfect for the dog moms, best friends, or coworkers in your life. 

Take a Virtual Gallery Tour

Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with 2,500 museums and galleries around the world to offer virtual tours and exhibitions. Most artwork featured includes descriptions, mediums used, and artist information. Find an artist you like? Check out their website, social media, or shop to see how you can support them while galleries remain closed— a creative and fun way to explore the world of art from the comfort of your home. 

Olivia Wickstrom
Olivia Wickstrom