Go Green With Your Pet This Earth Day

by Olivia Wickstrom April 15, 2021

Go Green With Your Pet This Earth Day

At Sam & Nala we're committed to supporting sustainable practices, not only in our relationships with our partner artisans, but in our relationship with the planet. At a time when climate change and its devastating effects are challenging so many around the world, we’re reminded that the smallest acts can help our planet heal and thrive. 

Sustainability doesn’t have to be intimidating, it doesn’t have to mean uprooting and changing every aspect of our lives. Sustainability can mean embracing simple yet intentional and impact-driven habits with our environment and communities in mind. Ready to get started? Try implementing a few of these eco-friendly pet owner hacks. Visit Your Local Animal Shelter

Roughly seven million animals enter shelters each year, three million of them being euthanized due to overpopulation and lack of space. Adopting not only saves your own dog’s life, it frees up the shelter’s resources, making room for another animal in need.  

Spay and Neuter

Unplanned puppy births lead to homeless animals and shelter overpopulation. Spaying and neutering helps decrease animal homelessness, conserve the resources that would be spent on these animals in shelters, and saves the environment from the waste that would otherwise be produced by stray animals in the community. 

Pick Up Your Poo!

Speaking of animal waste, pick it up, and not only as a courtesy to your neighbors. Rain carries dog waste contaminants into waterways which can make people sick. Plus, dog waste contains nitrogen and phosphorus which can lead to toxic algae within these waterways. Luckily Sam & Nala’s waste bag holders easily clip on to leashes and belt loops, a hassle free and essential walk accessory. 

Reuse Discarded Packaging

Instead of tossing the bag your loaf of bread came in, tuck it in a jacket pocket for your next dog walk. Reusing packaging in this way helps reduce the need for waste bag production and conserves materials. If you do need to purchase waste bags, we recommend Earth Rated, who offers environmentally friendly and compostable bags. 

Walk More, Drive Less

Before you hop in your car to make that trip to the dog park, consider locations that can be explored closer to home. A nearby park, neighborhood, or trail can give your pup the adventure and exercise they need while keeping you off the road. 

DIY Toys

Homemade dog toys save money, help reduce waste, and make for the perfect winter activity. This T-shirt dog toy only requires two pieces of fabric, a pair of scissors, and braiding skills. Get to crafting and surprise your pup with a new companion they’ll love!

DIY Dog Treats

A tasty, package free alternative when rewarding your furry friend. Our DIY treat recipe is quick, easy, and utilizes ingredients you probably have in your pantry right now. 


Eco Friendly Grooming Products

Countless shampoos and conditioners include toxic chemicals that not only harm dogs, but cause water pollution after going down the drain. Sustainably produced and biodegradable grooming products help keep your pup and our planet safe. 

Don’t Overfeed 

According to the American Kennel Club, obesity is an epidemic that is not only affecting humans, but their pets too. Over half the dogs in the United States qualify as overweight, many of them from overfeeding. Overfeeding means overproduction and an overuse of resources, so instead of relying on commercial food packaging to determine how much to feed your dog, meet with your veterinarian to assess your pup’s body, lifestyle, and diet guidelines.   

Donate Unneeded Pet Supplies 

Instead of throwing away old beds, toys, and dog accessories, see if your local animal shelter is seeking donations. You’ll save waste from ending up in a landfill, and help support the pups in your community. 

Olivia Wickstrom
Olivia Wickstrom