Sam & Nala Roundup: Our Favorite Ethical and Fair Trade Brands

by Olivia Wickstrom February 22, 2021

Sam & Nala Roundup: Our Favorite Ethical and Fair Trade Brands

Part of Sam & Nala’s company mission is to “do good and do well.” When we support our peers to co-create plans for sustainability and prosperity, our communities thrive. From coffee to hand crafted accessories, this ethical brand roundup includes something every conscious shopper will love.  

For Skincare: True Moringa

Vegan, black owned, and advocates for simple, affordable, and fair wellness. True Moringa was founded by Kwami Williams and Emily Cunningham, two change makers who developed a method for Ghana farmers to earn a living cultivating their local moringa trees. True Moringa has served 5,000 farming families, helped increase their incomes four to ten times, and planted two million trees in their communities. 

For Hats & Beanies: Bigtruck

Buy a hat, give a hat. Bigtruck partners with Reno’s Renown Children's Hospital to gift free custom hats to patients. By bringing their Custom Hat Bar to patients’ bedsides and allowing them create unique designs, Bigtruck inspires #FunFirst and brightens up these kiddos’ days. Every hat bought supports and helps continue Bigtruck’s give back program. 

For a Nicaraguan Roast: Vega Coffee

Vega works with small scale farmers to not only grow coffee, but roast and package it. By training farmers on these production steps and cutting out the “middleman” farmers can earn more, and caffeine enthusiasts can enjoy Central American varietals at a fair price.

For the Booch: Local Roots Kombucha

The Sam & Nala team’s prefered happy hour beverage. This vegan, organic, and gluten free hard kombucha is taste forward and comes in the most incredible flavors- Island Vibes anyone? 

For Clutches & Bags: Ethos Kolekto

Everything in this ethical collection is handmade, fair trade, and otherwise eco friendly. By using sustainable materials and ensuring artisans produce these goods in safe conditions while earning a fair wage, Ethos Kolekto works to improve our planet and its communities.

For an Etheopian Roast: Drink Coffee Do Stuff

Inspired by the joy and adventure trips to the mountainside bring, Drink Coffee Do Stuff sources coffee from farms at similar altitudes as their Lake Tahoe Roastery. This steady climate ensures consistency in maintaining original characteristics while expressing sweet flavors.

For Handmade Accessories: Creamos

Located in Guatemala City, Creamos works to change the lives of families living around the city garbage dump. The women Creamos employs have historically relied on collecting, recycling, and reselling scavenged items to support themselves and their families. Involvement in Creamos means access to services that help foster self-esteem, wellness, and financial independence.  

For Boots & Loafers: Adelante Shoe Co. 

When Adelante founder, Peter, visited Latin America as a sixteen year old, he was shocked by the region’s poverty and inspired by the potential of its people. He and his co-founders set out to produce products that would pay craftsmen enough to live well within their communities. Each personalized pair of shoes that Adelante creates is made to order and delivered directly from Guatemala within ten days. 

Olivia Wickstrom
Olivia Wickstrom